Our School Day..

The school day is different for each of the year groups and are as follows:

School starts (KS2 and siblings): 8:50am

School starts (KS1 & Early Years): 9:00am

School finishes (KS1, Early Years & siblings): 3:00pm

School finishes (Silver Birch & siblings): 3.10pm

School finishes (Oaks): 3.20pm

Early Years

Continuous Provision
Lunch break (Nursery & Reception): 11:30am

Year 1 / Year 2

Continuous Provision
Lunch break: 11:45am

Year 3 / Year 4

Morning break: 10:30am
Lunch break: 12:00pm

Year 5 / Year 6

Morning break: 10:30am
Lunch break: 12:10pm